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Time to move.

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The kids have friends right next door. They spend hours outside riding bikes and drawing huge chalk towns all over our driveway and cul-de-sac.


We have a wonderful piano teacher. We have a recital this afternoon! I've just found a local artist who just began giving my daughter drawing lessons. They spent yesterday afternoon outside sketching. My four year old dd's ballet lesson is close enough to walk to the lesson.


My kids have just made the swim team and are in the pool three times a week. The regular exercise is awesome and I can see them getting stronger. I can find local produce from a farmer's market and I know where an awesome bakery is to buy fresh bread.


We have a wonderful routine for everyone. We've been here almost two years and we're finally feeling settled.


And to think. This time next year we'll be packing up and starting all over wherever the military sends us next. Sigh....

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That's tough. Enjoy this year as much as you can. Do they ever assign you to the same place for two times in a row?


Just having a tiny pity party over here. :D


It's fun to move and I love going new places so I need to focus on the bright side. As the kids get older, it seems to be tougher because it's not just starting me over, it's them too. It's hard for middle school age kids to remake friends and extra difficult since we're not in the schools. I feel badly for my 12 year old daughter who is so happy right now.


And, yes, sometimes you can be assigned some place for more than one assignment. However, my husband will have to keep moving. It depends on a number of factors, and staying put isn't in the cards for us.


Ah well. I'll just savor the moment.

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I completely get where your coming from. I'm however at the other end of the spectrum. In 13 months we get to move back to Bavaria. I'm thrilled! Even though we have great services here...I miss having space. I want my stuff that's in storage back and can't wait for this next deployment to be over.


We will get to stay in Bavaria for 1 year and then home to the states to finish up his career we think. I have my fingers crossed for Texas. :D

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