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For those who teach cursive early, do your DC ever work in manuscript?

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My DD will officially start K in the fall. She knows manuscript letter formation pretty well (she's about 1/2 way through HWT 1), and her manuscript is usually quite legible. She would like to learn cursive, and after researching early cursive instruction, it seems like a good idea. However, I am concerned that working in both cursive and manuscript might be confusing and lead to less of a mastery of both.


For those who start cursive early, do you also use materials that ask the student to write in manuscript? For example, my DC use ETC, which is a keeper for us, but it uses manuscript. If we added cursive, I probably would drop HWT manuscript (or do just a little bit each week). I am thinking that DD would do most of her writing in cursive -- for penmenship, some phonics, journal writing, etc -- but use manuscript in workbooks that ask for it.


Another question... would her manuscript improve by learning cursive, or would she maybe lose what she isn't using as much (ie, the manuscript)?


Thanks for your thoughts. I really like the idea of adding cursive, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it work for us.


ETA: If we add cursive, I plan to use Cursive First.

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I typed up a whole response and then realized I'd unplugged my modem to plug in the heating pad I so desperately need on my side. :glare:


I have Becca do spelling and dictation in her neatest manuscript.


She has learned how to form all the cursive letters, but is still perfecting it, so I keep cursive only for copywork. We do WWE copywork and some sheets I print out with StartWrite in cursive.


She doesn't get confused and I have not noticed that her manuscript has suffered for learning cursive.

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Thanks, Mommy22alyns. I'm sorry you lost your first response, sounds like something that I would do, lol. Thanks for responding again! :) It's good to hear that using manuscript and cursive is working out for your young DD. I think that my DD will enjoy it -- she does her own version of cursive right now.

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I do cursive first. I have never taught print, and my ds writes print quite a bit - he's 6. He copies whatever he sees. If I give him a word in cursive, he writes cursive. If he wants to copy something printed, he prints.


I think cursive is good for building fm skills - so I think learning cursive will only make her print better, as long as you keep watching to make sure she is going the right direction, etc.


I don't think doing ETC in print will confuse her, but IDK. I would have her use the same font she sees in ETC for those lessons, and then keep the penmanship/copywork lessons all in cursive. Start slow with the cursive. Tracing her finger over the CF cards will help cement the strokes before actually writing. I love CF for the teacher's notes, and flash cards (and price):D

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