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What are "must have's" for a stroller?

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I picked up a stroller yesterday at a consignment shop for only $65. This is the stroller.


Here's the deal though. Our trunk is an odd shape and a more compact stroller is needed. Someone gave us a travel system on Sunday, but the stroller is just too big and bulky to fit. But then yesterday I found this one (linked above) and tried it in the trunk of my car to make sure it does indeed fit, and it does.


However, it doesn't have the cup holder for the adult and it is missing the tray for the child. It has a bar for the child to hold on to (which so far, I haven't discovered if it comes off yet. I would like it to be able to for when the child is older so he can climb in himself, kwim?), but it's missing the tray with a cup holder (for a sippy) and "dish" for snacks. Is that really important?


I do like that the handle is adjustable for height and it also flips so that I can face the baby as I walk, or have the baby face out while I walk behind. And it lies completely flat, which is nice for a newborn especially (and since this baby will be be born in May, frequent use of this stroller with an infant is a sure thing).


The other thing that stinks, is that so far I haven't been able to figure out how to fold it one handed, let alone fold it without laying it on the ground. This worries me because I think about closing it in the rain - the last thing I want to do is lay the stroller down to fold it compactly on a wet ground, kwim? My dh told me to keep playing with it (and he will too) to see if we can figure that out.


We only have 7 days to return it though. So I have to make up my mind about it. $65 for a Peg Perego and it's in excellent, clean condition! But will I regret it? Are there accessories on strollers that are must-have's that this one doesn't have and therefore would frustrate me?



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Though I am for buying resale items. I would return the stroller and pay a bit more for a new one. The tray in the front is VERY handy and used all the time. Ours is a Graco. The tray in the front can be removed very easily for when the child is older or you don't want to use it for that day, also the tray swings down for the child to get in and then back up. The parent cup holders are also VERY handy, that's where my water bottle sets, keys etc. Our folds down with one hand by twisting the bar downward and the entire thing colapses. We also purchased a rain shield and net for all the outdoors walks we do. I noticed also on the one you purchased there is such a TINY footrest! Oh and the wheels glide like butter. :)


If you are using it for quick trips maybe you won't notice anything. If you've never had all these extras they maybe you won't miss them? But I know I would! ;)

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I never even used the tray on our stroller, so to me, that wouldn't concern me in the least. I had one, but left it off, using only the "bar".


Now I *often* used the adult cup-holder, lol, but it is possible to buy after-market cup-holders to fit on stroller handles. I had one, and I know there are others on the market. Here's the first one I found when I looked -- I'm sure it's not the cheapest or the only possibility: http://www.rightstart.com/global/store/product~item~5711.html

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OK, so other than the cupholder and the tray, are there other must-have's?


if I remember correctly, I was like Abbey - I only used the "bar". The tray was a pain to me because it almost begged to have snacks and a drink and I didn't want to have that be a necessity to have in order to go for a walk. But that's just what I *think* I remember doing. I honestly can't say for sure, LOL!


And I do know I can buy a cup holder to put on myself. But I'm thinking there are other accessories that would be handy. It sounds like I'm looking for a way to not have this stroller and it's really not that at all. I think I just want to make sure I made the right decision and won't regret it later when I can no longer return it.


Oh and the footrest...hmm, I'm not sure if it's tiny or not. I should compare it to the travel system one that was given to me (it's also a Graco). I do know it has a foot rest on both sides though, depending on which way you have the handle bar (which I really love that feature, but I know other strollers have that too).

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When my kids were in strollers we didn't have any of the stuff you mention as wondering if it's needed.


When I saw your question about what is necessary - simple, wheels, handle, seat and belt. Said tongue in cheek and smiling.


I didn't have any of those trays, cup holders, etc. for my kids so I don't think any of them are must haves.


Now that I think about it, the strollers I saw at co-op this morning (I volunteer one hour in the nursery), most of them only had mom cup holders. None or at least very few had the bells and whistles for the babies/toddlers. I work in the 0-1 yo room FWIW.

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