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What reading level are the "Little House books"?

M in Canada

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I can only speak for myself--

The "regular" LH books vary in reading level--they get harder as you progress thru the series.

I've seen various levels listed--they seem to cluster around 4th or 5th grade--

but I disagree, as I think Little House in the Big Woods is around 3rd grade.

Dd will turn 8 in April--her reading level just really took off last year, and she started reading Little House in the Big Woods in December (in 1st).

She has read the series by herself twice, reading the first 4 books about 4 times each. Clearly, she's an exception--she told me three weeks ago that she was re-reading the entire series, and she finished all the books in two and a half weeks.

Of course, she reads about 3 hours a day...


Geez, I sound braggy--I'm proud of her, but I don't want to brag on her.

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Regarding the reading level for these books, as has been stated, around 3rd or 4th grade seems like what I've seen most of them listed as. However, I believe that this is more of a content rating than an ability rating.


THe books are written in simple English prose and frankly I think they are quite simple for the kids to read. However, there are sometimes very mature themes which need discussing and a certain level of maturity before they are tackled independently by a child of the first or second grade. For example, the general tension among settlers and the native population, Ma is a racist and "hates indians," Pa and some friends dress in black-face for a performance, the death of children. There are probably more that I'm forgetting just now.


Possibly, they are more appropriate as a read aloud so the parent can discuss these sensitive issues as they come up and in the context of the book.


so there . . . my wee little opinion. :)

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For a newly independent reader, I would definitely recommend the "My First Little House" books. They are short and fun, and they also whet the appetite for the regular series.


If your reader is ready for the regular series, I would read alongside them. In a previous post there was reference to the reading level being based on content vs. ability, and I agree with this. My 6yo dd is reading the regular series. She's a fluent reader and it's not too challenging. What we deal with mostly, though, is content. I discuss every chapter with her to make sure she understands it, gets her questions answered, etc. She's enjoying them though, so I'll certainly allow her to continue the series.

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