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I'm trying to get our homeschooling accounts organized for this past year. I ordered books both new from Amazon and used from Amazon Marketplace. Now I have a pile of receipts, ones from Amazon and then a separate pile, more like packing slips, from the different vendors at Amazon Marketplace. When I'm looking on our bank statements, will all purchases only show up as Amazon? I placed a bulk order, so should it have billed all together in one debit from our card, or individual debits for each book/vendor?


Thanks in advance for any help, my head hurts...

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Thanks, Makita. Thankfully, I had saved all the old emails from Amazon so I was able to print out all the receipts -- some of the packing slips I have don't have the payment amounts. I'm getting ready to submit our receipts for reimbursement from dh's employer, and every year they seem to put up another hoop for us to jump through -- last year they started requiring bank statements with the paid amounts on them. This is in addition to original receipts. Gotta love the paperwork!


Thanks again for your help.

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