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My DH's building is on fire and I can't reach him

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The fire is contained. They are letting people back in to get their things but only up to a certain floor. I am not comfortable with the word "contained". DH has been given specific orders to NOT go back in. By me. The elevators are shut down and the stairs are impassable, so I guess I need not worry. Who makes the decisions in these situations?


"Um, yeah, you can go get your stuff, but you'll have to scale the outside of the building." :glare:

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So glad he is safe. What a scary afternoon. Have a glass of tea and tell him to get his you know what home lol.


He's on his way. One of his lovely coworkers brought him his keys and laptop when they let her down the stairs. He should be home shortly. Thanks, Ladies, for you thoughts and prayers.

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