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Activities that go with SOTW 4


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I haven't used it yet but since it is sitting on my shelf for next year, I thought I'd get it out and see.


The parent part is

Pages for several encyclopedias (KIHW, KHE, US20, UBWH, UILE)

Review Questions

Complete the Outline/Write from the Outline (no narrations)

Additional lit. and hist. books

Map Work



The student pages are

Outline Page- some of these are partial outlines the student completes, some are complete outlines they are supposed to write a summary from.

Blackline Maps- I didn't see any words on them, there is an answer key, and it seems that each (most?) section has its own map, instead of just one for the whole chapter

Any activity pages.

Timeline figures


There are no coloring pages with this book (although there has been talk of a younger student packet for this book). Just scanning through a few chapters I felt like the projects were pretty similar to the other books. Meaning for me most of them are too much work, some look boring, some just won't happen, but in most chapters I could find one we would be likely to do. I would say there are less in this book though, it seems like most chapters only have 2-4.

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