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Help me decide if we move to the next level...

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DD has a summer birthday and is a 5th grader this year. She has always been at part-time classical model schools with the exception of this year, which is a FT homeschooling year. We pulled her to get a better idea of whether we wanted to hold her back a year for maturity reasons. We have decided to go ahead and call her a 5th grader again next year. Part of the reason I'm doing this now instead of saying she's 5th/6th next year is because we'll probably have her go to either public or private high school and this is the last year that I think I could make this change without it really messing with her self esteem. She's aware of what we're doing and understands.


So my question is - do I go ahead and move to the next level in math and grammar programs or re-do the current level but switch curriculum? Her test scores for math range in the 78 to 100 range (usually 78 to mid 80's). Her grammar is in the mid 70's to mid 80's. Prior to this year we had been using Shurley English and Saxon 6/5. This year we switched to Abeka Language B and Teaching Textbooks 7. Next year I'll be moving to Growing With Grammar or Shurley English and not sure about math (either Teaching Textbooks PreAlg or Saxon again).

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It's a tough call on the subjects. Her scores seem a bit low to move on. And yet, these are all foundational years. 4th-8th grade math (and grammar) has very little new in it. A lot of the same skills covered over and over, digging very little deeper each year. She just may not have been completely ready for them prior and will do fine this year or next. A lot of times, it's a maturity jump that is needed.


Not to confuse you further, but there are 2 programs that we changed to that made ALL the difference in the world.


Thinking Through Grammar has a 5th/6th grade book. It's simple and straight forward. It also isn't drill & kills. The lessons are short, the practice problems are easy. I only wish I hadn't been so hesitant. But my son's ability has soared.


And Systematic Mathematics. http://www.systemath.com On the right hand side, you'll see a picture of a mynah bird. Click there and read that article and see if maybe that sounds like what will work with your daughter. Y'all can move through the levels at her speed. The 6th grade level has 135 lessons, time enough to slow down or speed up as y'all are ready :)


HTHs a little.

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Thanks... I will definitely check those two out. I was kind of leaning toward doing the 5th grade level again with different curriculum just for mastery, but I keep having this thing where I think I need to push them forward. I'm hoping that with both of them being home this year I won't feel that pressure to have everything accelerated to keep up with the other one.

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