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New to homeschool high schooler

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I have home school younger children in the past, infact I have been lead to home school ALL of my children.


I have never home schooled high school age, I'm in the process of joining our local home school group. I know they hold classes on homeschooling high school, transcripts diplomas.


My son has attend public school all of his life, he is ADD and very intelligent. In fact I have been blessed with two ADD children, :D.


He is currently a junior and failing 5 classes. Now here's the kicker he is making a high B in English and passing history. This is his second time taking Algebra Review, they put him in Algebra 2 prior and he didn't understand the work. I had him in a different school district last year, where he passed Algebra 1. I found out this year he wrote the problems down and would write any answer down, teacher passed him anyway.


I was looking for advice on a program from him, curriculum for him. I thought about enrolling him in a community college class since he likes writing.


Since I am homeschooling all my children, I was thinking of unit studies too.


Help please, any advice would be appreciated.

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College courses in English and History may be a good idea while you tackle the rest. There are various high school courses/online schools out there. Have you looked through WTM for guidance? You might also want to check out SizzleBop It's a dotcom that has lots of good things to say about unique children! :^) You may find some encouragement there. I will also pray for you. Alas, that is all the advice I can give you.

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Yes, I plan on ordering the book.


I plan on looking around at used curriculum sales to see what is out there so I can have a plan of action.


Thanks for the advice, I plan on using this short time he has left to boost his confidence, teach him self-management which he is good at expect when it comes to schooling. Also he hasn't been allowed to get his license yet, I am hoping that he sees how much freedom he can have with homeschooling and how he can take control of his studies. Hopefully in 6 months he will have a license and a part time job.

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