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Honey Butter Popcorn

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I got a pm concerning this popcorn recipe so I thought I would just make a new post about it so it wouldn't get 'lost' in the thread. Enjoy.:lurk5:



We have a popcorn popper and we will do 2 big batches. Then I take about 1-2 sticks of butter and about 1/2 C. honey and melt them slowly together. Pour over popcorn and sprinkle with a bit of salt to give it that salty/sweet flavor. So good, and good for you. But IMOP you must use butter unless of course you don't mind the taste of the other stuff.:)

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Hi there,


I am wondering how much is 1 or 2 sticks of butter. I'm in Canada, and that would conver to be about 1/2 to 1 cup of butter! Really, in that amount of popcorn?


And, when you mix the butter and honey together do you mix it over the popcorn just before you eat it. It can't be stored, right?



:seeya: blogging at Teach Them Well

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As far as using corn syrup I suppose you could only I use the honey because it is all natural and I am watching my weight. I find when I eat it over other snacks I don't gain weight. And we have it a few times a week.:lurk5: Yes, I mix it up and just pour it over. Of course you can use much less butter but I really like butter. When my boys make it they use less and it still taste good.

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