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My surgery is Monday...

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Finally, the day for my reconstructive surgery after breast cancer is here. I would have had it done along w/ my last surgery...but some of you may remember I was a little sick, so the reconstruction was canceled.


Now..in the midst of all this spine flu mess I get to have my surgery.


I do NOT want to get sick before this surgery (and have it put off again) and I dread even the thought of getting sick AFTER my surgery! They will be taking tissue from my lowed abs so I'll have discomfort (hopefully not pain) in chest area AND stomach area!


And if my kids get sick I won't even be able to take care of them much!!!


I'm staying home from church tonight and keeping my 12 and 8 year old with me. (My 16 yr old will go w/ my dh. But I am instructing them to PLEASE leave a little early and not hang out and talk.)


Sunday morning I think we will go, but get there a little late, not send the kids to class, and then leave a little early. Just to avoid face to face contact with others.


Sunday night there is no class, so we will just get there a little late and leave a little early.


Other than that we are staying HOME. Dh can go for food between now and then. He will have to face people at work, but he has his own office so hopefully not have to deal w/ too many people.


I am a little concerned because my dd will be staying with some close friends while I am in the hospital...and her husband works at a hospital. I don't want to leave her at home with my older two because they argue so much. But I don't know what else to do. :confused:


I'm NOT paranoid about this flu...but...I don't need this right now. My attention is SUPPOSED to be focused on being worried about MSRA staph and anesthesia awareness. :tongue_smilie:


Can I get prayers from you guys. For no sickness, no anesthesia problems and beautiful b:):)bs!



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I'm always looking for updates from you so I can know how to pray!


Health. Peace. Joy. In Jesus' name!




We are lifting you up. You rest and listen to your drs. Let Him worry about everything else. He knows what you need!

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