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I Just Want To Cry -- UPDATE -- Thank you Kathleen!

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Thank you Kathleen -- words can't express what your offer of help meant to me. All the laundry... and the meal... and the offer to help clean up. I means soo very much.


So, one would think that we were pretty much on the mend... HOWEVER, 3/4 of the children now have PNEUMONIA, and I pretty much expect that our 2yo has it, but just hasn't started coughing (she's been pretty mellow/sleepy all day, which isn't exactly a sign of a healthy child!)


Oh, and my oldest my have SCABIES. If the treatment works, we'll be treating the rest of them in a week.


Flu, hospitalizations, Pneumonia, Scabies, sprained thumb... I'm afraid to ask what is coming next. But, thanks to Kathleen, I don't feel completely overwhelmed right now.


Please pray VERY hard that dh, baby Abby and I don't get Pneumonia (I have a looong history dating back to when I was 3mos old with the illness).


Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

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Lisa, you are very welcome. Like I said, others have done similar things for me when I was on bed rest with pregnancies, sick myself with sick little ones, dealing with multiple crises. I will be praying that everyone is well again soon and no one else comes down with anything. You're being hit quite hard and I'm just glad I happen to be your neighbor.


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Oh my! Hopefully everyone will be on the mend soon with no further illness.


Scabies is easy to treat, but with the lower immune systems due to illness it may just be bumps that will go away once everyone recovers. My immune compromised son has spots that have been called chicken pox, scabies, dermatitis, and a couple of other things. Nothing has helped, but the docs assure me that once his immune system is normal the spots will disappear. I don't say that to deter treatment, because it will not hurt to treat it, but just to say that if the spots don't go away don't get concerned, because they may go away when everyone is better.

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