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If you use a stand-alone grammar program, how do you cover the other bases...


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found in a typical Language Arts program. I was thinking of using Daily Grammar Practice or something similar. I looked at CLE and of course they teach outlining, letters, etc. How do you know what else you need to teach to round out LA? Of course I realize there's spelling, vocabulary, etc. I just mean things like letters, outlining, etc.




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Well, I use Abeka grammar through most of my boys' school years and they cover things like outlining, research skills, letter writing and lots of other such topics. Is that what you're asking? I sometimes add in some other miscellaneous small workbooks to emphasize things like outlining and notetaking skills, word study, etc., but it really wouldn't be necessary. I think that most comprehensive grammar programs would cover most of the things needed for the year.


You could check out your state's yearly requirements or guidelines by grade level to see what they're covering. Or I like Hirsch's book series: What Your _______ Grader Needs to Know. You could check there for topics that should be covered each year. Our library carries this series, I believe, so perhaps yours does, too. You might also find info online through K12 or some similar organization.

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