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DD washed her phone.

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I dont think so.... I silly dh put his "razor" phone on the counter and we think it got knocked into the dishwasher by the cat.... So after it got a good washing we found out.... it turned on by after we let it dry it was no good...... We took it in but they said they couldn't do anything with it... so we were with out a phone..... Sorry this happened, i know it stinks but it may not work again.... (i hope I am wrong!)


This all happened after I told him that he was a nut for spending $350 on a PHONE!!!!! oh well he learned!


maybe put it my a heat vent..... not on it but close to it?

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It is coming on and we have it charging now but is there anything that will help aid in drying it out?


fill a baggy full of uncooked rice and stuff it in there.


But fwiw, I washed my phone last year and though it flickered and acted like it was "on," it never worked again. I have heard of them truly being resurrected though, so good luck! :)

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