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Skin trouble for dd12...

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We are entering into puberty!!:blink: It is like over night her skin has become pimple city! She is freaking out. I have not had to deal with pimples for over 15 years. What is new out there to help with the battle?? I was going to ask her doctor today at her well check appointment but I canceled. I was to afraid we would end up with the swine flu if we went to the doctor!!



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My 12 yr old dd developed a bad case of pimples mainly on her forehead--we tried home remedies(milk of magnesiua(sp?) and that helped some-basically dried out her skin-but what has really taken care of the problem is Proactiv--she uses the product faithfully and her acne has cleared up-

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Acne.org is a great website. We found it several years ago when dd (now 17) started having trouble with acne. Within a few weeks her skin was clear. She hasn't had any problems ever since. Her younger sister (14) uses the same routine with great results.


We don't use their products but buy products that they recommend. Basically you need a mild cleanser, a cream with 2.5 benzoyl peroxide and a moisturizer. It's important to not use a harsh soap. It will irritate the skin more. Use 2.5 benzoyl cream. We use Neutrogena On The Spot cream. Anything stronger will be too irritating. The key though is to use a good amount of the cream and really let it soak in. 5-10 minutes later apply a good moisterizer. We have found this is very important. The skin can get irritated from the benzoyl. Irritation makes the acne worse.

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