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Planning for next year: Post 11th grade plans here


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I don't have it all worked out yet, but this is what I am thinking that my current 10th grader will do next year. BTW, he skipped 8th grade. We're leaving the options open for him to do an additional year of high school, take a gap year, do (more) community college, or go straight to university after 12th.


Math: Saxon Advanced Math (over 11th-12th, probably)

Science: Apologia Chemistry

History/Lit.: Sonlight Core 200, I think

Vocabulary: Vocabulary for College Bound Students

Spanish: Rosetta Stone 2, Breaking the Barrier 2


We've been doing some additional and/or different literature and writing than what Sonlight has and will probably continue that--some combo. with Lightning Literature and Rod and Staff English.


He's an easier student than my oldest, so I'm relearning what works.

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During my son's 11'th and 12'th grade years, he is planing to take two classes per semester local community college for a total of eight classes and 24 credit hours. He will still have to complete two other credits here at home which we will order from Seton Home Study. He is also involved in debate and will continue with it until he graduates.



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