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Would you be willing to tell me about Math-U-See?


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I'm wondering if it might be a good fit for my 5.5yo ds to use for next year, after he finishes Rightstart A. But, I'm not exactly sure what it is. I visited the website, but still don't have a great feel for it. Is it DVD-based? Does the child watch a dvd lesson and then complete activities? If anyone could compare it's methodology to that of Righstart I would be ecstatic! Rightstart has been outstanding for my dd, and we plan to continue using it with her, but I'm not sure if it is the best fit for ds or not. I'm just curious. Thanks!

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I don't know anything about RightStart. In MUS, the lessons are on DVD for the teacher to watch. If you want your DC to watch them, as well, they can. The program is very mastery based. The workbooks are very plain and black and white. For each lesson (ther are about 36 per level) there are three workbook pages covering the lesson just learned. Then there are three more pages with a cumulative review.


The lessons are heavily manipulative based at first. The goal is for the child to literally see how math works. Each child works through the levels (not grade levels) at their own pace and can drop the use of manipulatives whenever they no longer need them.


One of my 7yos loves this program. He loves the DVD, the manipulatives and he still really needs them to help him see the answer. His twin likes using the blocks for legos, but otherwise hates it the program. Basically, I'd try to let your DS see it in action if it's at all possible. Hopefully you'll get some better answers from someone else.:)

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I can't compare it to rightstart, but I can tell you a bit about it.


It isn't like a standard text that seems to cover so many random topics in a book. I think it has common sense. For example, when we studied multiplication by 4's, then we also learned 4 quarts in a gallon. Also, when there was skip counting by 5's we learned how to count nickels and how to tell time with 5 minute increments.


MUS uses blocks to show you how to do the problems. That being said, my kids rarely use the blocks, but when we introduce something new, or a problem they don't understand, then I grab the blocks.


The DVD's are a video of the MUS creator, Mr. Demme, teaching the lesson to a group of kids. It is supposed to be an example to show you how to teach the lesson to your child, however, many MUS users have our children watch the DVD's as part of their lesson. You will sill have to teach the lesson, but sometimes if they understand all of the DVD, then they can skip mom and get right onto their work.


HTH, we are very happy with it. I'm starting primer with my 5.5 year old...it starts off slowly but it still has alot of good stuff in there.


You should be able to see samples online, and you can order a demo tape of the lesson to get a better understanding of the program.



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