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How long do we do grammar?


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I am wondering if we can skip grammar for one year, in 6th grade. My DS10 has a good grasp on grammar as we used Shurley for the first couple of years, a year of K12 grammar, and now using GWG. My son is a very rule-oriented kind of guy, and since grammar follows basic rules, he grasps it easily.


We will be doing several other programs that could tie in Grammar. We will be doing Lively Latin Book 1, Wordly Wise Vocab, and starting from level 1 WWE.


I am wondering if it would be detrimental to not do grammar this year, and pick it back up again next year, since he would get basic review with these other programs.


Just trying to see if we can cut out a few things, otherwise I have such a long daily list of work for him planned at this point, I think we will both have meltdowns :).

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My daughter has grasped grammar concepts much better by studying it by way of Latin than she did when I was attempting explicit instruction. If your son already has a good grasp AND you'll be doing Latin, definitely okay to skip it IMHO.

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