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Math for 5th grader, looks like BJ?


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My 5th grader loves the looks of BJ or any pretty work book. I love MUS because it's concept upon concept. but dc is really hindered by the plain text:confused:.

Is there a program that is like MUS, very thorough and orderly, but that has the pretty pages?



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We use BJU, and like it, but starting in 5th grade it is a textbook. Your dc would have to write their answers on regular paper. BJU has math workbooks only until grade 4.


Having said that, my son seems to write alot of his answers in the textbook. :-) It is only the long math problems like division, factor trees, etc. that he really needs paper. I wish BJU had workbooks for the higher grades, but this really has not hindered us as much as I thought it might. He has yet to complain about it.

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