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Math-u- See precalculus/calculus

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i just can't bring myself to pay for CD pre-calculus. I check ebay frequently, and I've bid on two sets, but they sold for $400+. I have ordered a copy of Lial's to review for use in conjunction with Thinkwell. As of now, this is the route we will probably take.

My question: I e-mailed Math-U-See and found out that they will release the calculus course next year. Do you think that since they will have calculus, MUS would be sufficient for science-bound ds?


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The video lessons that Chalkdust uses are the SAME ones used to go along with the Larson text that are produced by the publisher, Houghton Mifflin. Dr Mosely is the lecturer.


Last week I purchased the Pre-Calc DVD set NEW for $20 on Amazon.com I checked earlier today and they still had several sets for around $23.


You still have to purchase the text and solutions manual, but if you put together the set yourself it will be much much less than the markup Chalkdust has.


The following isbn goes with the 7th edition Pre-Calc texts...


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We did MUS all the way through from the old Foundations book (now the Primer) through Algebra II. We stuck with it because why change what's working if your kiddo "gets it" with MUS and test competitive with college entrance levels (according to the ACT) in 8th grade. My 3 boys ARE math-inclined - dad is an accountant and grandpa a math major (before computer science was as major, which is what he actually did). I don't say that to brag, but to counteract all the bad rap that MUS has received over the years. Anyway, them being math-minded, etc. . . is my disclaimer that not everyone may have the success with MUS that we did. YMMV.


That all said, we DID decide to switch this year for my oldest (10th grade) since he was looking to doing dual-enrollment next year and wants to jump right in to the engineering transfer degree program. I wanted him to be able to jump into college-level classes and not be adjusting to the differing teaching method in college. I'm glad we made the switch and think he'll transition just fine.


So, this year he did Chalkdust Pre-Calculus. It WAS an adjustment, but I wouldn't say it was difficult. He enjoys math, so liked the challenge. He took the dual-enrollment test and tested into college-level math which, from what I hear, is quite an accomplishment (it involves the CC making the test purposefully difficult so most high school students fail it and have to pay to take math at some point since all majors require SOME math). He's going to take College Algebra at the CC this summer to get his feet wet in college classes, in a course that is theoretically a review for him. I was advised by friends with kids in college and careers in math/science-y fields that no matter their level, have them take College Alg. in college, b/c all textbooks are different and it is such a foundational course; basically, not to assume that all textbooks teach the same things. Since he has had HS trig (in the Chalkdust Pre-Calculus), he will be able to go from the College Alg. class right into the Calculus I course.


So, that's our experience. Not sure if it helped you or not. It's really a tough call unless MUS has the scope and sequence out already and it can be compared to a textbook. Even though I've loved MUS, I would tend to say that it wouldn't be the same as a college-prep. level pre-calculus program.



Kimm in WA

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