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I am so thrilled!

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My younger dd is very hard to homeschool. If I could have, I would have sent her to a Montessori school. Sometimes I come really close to completely unschooling her. But we persevere and she loves history, especially the Revolutionary War.


So this morning as I was cleaning up, I found a sheet of paper she had written on. It was all done in a very nice cursive. I asked her if she had copied it and she said no. "It was just something I really wanted to do one night!" she told me. Things like this make it all worth it!


We Are Americans by James Hill Jones


"Patriots! Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Mothers! Loyalists of all sexes! You serve King George. But ask yourselves, Why do you follow him? What right does he have to our fair country? Is he of your blood? Has he ever been here? No! WE are the ones who made this place! WE befriended the Savages, the Indians. Did King George? NO! WE are the ones who made this country! The house you live in was made by fellow people of this fine country! WE tamed here, made it our own, made it a place to live. WE will not be scumbbed (sic - succumbed?) to England without a fight! Look at the Scots! So much was destroyed by the English. And yet they stand up, fight back, and will never give up. They fought for an idea. That "Idea" was, guess? FREEDOM! Your children, think of your children! Will they have to live, serve, work, and even die for King George and the English? We shall be free! Freedom will be our home words! Future generations will be proud to say a byword for "Freedom" will be "America"! Brothers! take up your arms! Fight for Freedom!! We are not English! We are Americans!"


A life-and-death Patriot,

James Hill Jones

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