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Science for 8th grade...

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I have one year left with my sweet boy, before shipping him off to high school.


We have done Apologia General Science, Rainbow Science, and now, I would really like a nice thorough review of all branches of study for next year. Someone suggested Alpha Omega Lifepacks, another suggested Prentice Hall Science Explorers. If you had one year to firmly review science, before sending your son to school, what would you use? Thanks.

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The Joy of Science is one of the DVD courses put out by The Teaching Company. The lectures are designed for adults, but are frequently used by high school and jr high students. Since it sounds like your dc has a good back ground, I thought he could handle this course.


The Joy of Science, a survey of the major science disciplines, consists of 60 one half hour long lectures and includes demonstrations. It's accompanied by a booklet including the outline of the entire series, text book readings and a couple of discussion/essay questions per lecture. (I'm working off of memory, but this is typical of all TTC's lectures). It will cover evolutionary theory.


One warning. Don't buy it at full price. All of TTC's courses go on sale at least one time per year and the sale prices are about 70% off. I have heard that a first time customer was able to get the sale price on her first course even though it wasn't on sale at the time.


Here's the link to the course description: http://www.teach12.com/ttcx/coursedesclong2.aspx?cid=1100

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As someone who is using the 8th grade science Lifepacs this year, I think they would be a waste of time for a kid who has already done Apologia General and Rainbow. I am using them with ds who doens't like science and just wants to get it done. They are okay but probably wouldn't add a lot of new info for your ds, and they are not a thorough review of all branches of science--8th grade covers a little chemistry, some health, energy, electricity, magnetism, force, levers, photosynthesis & natural cycles. So, it's a little bit from each of the major areas of science, but leaves a lot of gaps--I wouldn't consider it a review or overview.

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