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Does anyone know how to make chewy pizza dough?

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I have a great tasting recipe, but was wondering what I could do to give it that stretchy, chewy texture. I grind my own flour, but have used white bread flour as well. Never any stretch - just a firm, tending toward crunchy texture - even if my crust is thick. (I am talking about the edge crust - my inner crust stays nice, but I do like a chewy crust!!)

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Hey there -


What's your recipe? Knowing the protein-liquid ratios would help to figure out why your gluten isn't forming.


Alternately - I have a pizza dough recipe that gives Uno's a run for it's money, if you're interested. Soft and chewy bite, but crispy on the bottom. Let me know if you're interested and I'll post it here.




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