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ISO: Free printable large or wall sized maps

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We really need to work on some geography skills that are a bit closer to home. My children are doing great with Europe. They are clueless about the United States:confused:


So, I'm looking for a blank outline map I can print up on 4 pages or so. I want something I can tape to the table for a week or two. We can fill it in together and give my husband something to talk about at meal time. (Who btw doesn't know much more than them:tongue_smilie:)

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Could you print out a reg. size one, then mark it w/ a grid, and then hand copy it (square by square) onto a large piece of paper. Time consuming I know, but it would take care of the printer problem, and you wouldn't have to pay to take it to a copy place and have them do it. hth

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I just tried these. They look perfect for what I want. But, it will not print on my printer. It keeps going off the side of the page and my printer is really upset about it all:001_rolleyes:


Darn - I was going to recommend these. Sorry to hear they're not working for you - we've had a lot of fun with these.

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