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Where should I shop for a great outfit?

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I need something to wear to a wedding day brunch at a nice club. I want to look fabulous, of course. I don't want to look like a middle aged Mom, even though I am one.


I think the clothes at Sundance Catalog are ugly this year, which is unfortunate because it's my usual source for pretty, feminine, slightly Bohemian look I prefer.


I need to act FAST because the wedding is in ten days, so if someone with a nice fashion sense wants to help me, that would be so awesome. I usually wear dresses because putting outfits together smacks of effort. But if you know of a place where the show entire outfits all put together nicely, I might just buy all the pieces at once. I plan to wear whatever I buy a lot - hopefully on date nights, to church, etc.

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imho, J Jill's current dresses don't look dressy enough for a wedding. A couple of Boden's and Coldwater Creek's seem ok. Watch out on Coldwater though. I like them but some of their items look like something my mom would wear - she's 79 and she does buy from coldwater crk too. Ann Taylor loft looks nice but a bit too young or short for me but my body-type does best in marilyn monroe types of dresses, iykwim. I would check macys.com too, they always have things that I could wear for many occassions, if I had many occassions. have fun!

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I think you should head down to a local women's boutique and have them help you. It won't be cheap, but you'll find something you can wear again and again and look *nice*--I have a store I go to once a year for a nice outfit and they never let me leave looking silly or inappropriate. Plus, you'll be keeping your money in your hometown.



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