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DS likes math-patterns (such as number-patterns/fractals)

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Wow, nice book albeit very pricey. Ds would love this!




You also might want to look at some of the books in the online bookstore of the Mathematical Association of America. Their Anneli Lax series may have some appropriate titles.


Here is an idea: a good university library will have some of the MAA titles. Perhaps you can borrow a few? (Our nearest university only charges $15 per year for library privileges.)

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Agreeing with the posters who recommended AoPS and MAA books!


A nice book to start with is


From Zero To Infinity by Constance Reid,


available in the MAA bookstore.


Has he read The Number Devil? - easy reading, but full of big ideas.


How about The Joy of Mathematics or other books by Theoni Pappas?


Someone gave me this little gem,


Fun with Mathematics,


when I was in the fourth grade, and I never looked back...




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Good links and explorations here http://mathforum.org/workshops/usi/pascal/index.html


Lots of ways to use or relate mathematical situations to Pascal's triangle. See for example binomial theorem, probability, sequences, series, volume of a cube, options theory, and more. You could spend a long time just playing with the Pascal triangle pattern.


There's a lot more free stuff like this on the internet. Math geeks seem to be generous that way.

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