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I know this has been covered before but after searching 3+ pages of the results of a search I hope someone will not mind answering this YET AGAIN :)


My DS has completed Lev I RS Spanish and has started Lev II. He has completed all the worksheets and tests. He has an average of both

computer grading and written work of 97%. He is also doing Madrigal's magic Key to Spanish - very slowly 1 lesson per wk - we just started a few weeks ago (or shall I say restarted it - it got laid to the side for a while).


So where does this equal Spanish I??


My plans were to have him complete Level 1-3 plus worksheets and Madrigal's magic Key to Spanish + a few advanced grammar bks - I have one called The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice by Ronni L Gordon.


Would this be enough for Spanish I/II or would I need to add something like the self teaching guides to Spanish Grammar or the practice makes perfect series?




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How is Rosetta Stone Spanish I, using all the worksheets and tests not considered "real" Spanish I?? I have heard this before and I don't buy it. Is the goal of taking Spanish in high school to learn to speak or not---then how does picking apart all those verb tenses help with that? I took French from 4th grade all the way through college----and STILL cannot speak fluently because the focus was on workbooks and verbs! :glare: So---my kids are using Rosetta Stone with all the worksheets and tests---and each year I will list it as Spanish I, Spanish II etc! I have a feeling the "not real Spanish I" police will not be investigating----and hopefully my kids will be actually "speaking' and understanding Spanish :D

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Guest mgalvin5

So you really like the RS spanish program?

I'm still on the fence for my 12 son and 7 daughter. 10 son wants to continue w/french as he has already had 3 years at a parochial school.

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