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earth science archeology

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My son, for the first time since k-5, went to school for the

last quarter at the private school. I am looking a curriculum

for next year to homeschool. He'll be in 10th.


I am looking for a Christian based earth science course. He took

biology this year. He has an interest in archeology. Is there an

archeology course and could I count it as a science? I don't mind

if it is online, books, dvd, etc. ,but prefer something that doesn't

require much teacher prep.


Thanks a Bunch

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Hmmm...archaeology is usually not considered a science although its methodologies can be scientific. Universities that do not have archaeology departments may place the subject in their anthropology or classics departments, in part depending on department focus.


Earth science or geology curricula are indeed available, but I'll let others chime in on those.


Are there any digs in your area where your son can volunteer? You might be able to piece together a project involving reading, a research paper and hands on work. This would be a terrific senior project.



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