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Linda in TX

Beautiful Girlhood

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Is this book appropriate for a just turned 9yo? If not, what age should I use it for. Or can I just use some chapters, and wait until she is older for the others?


I have the book, but I am never sure what age to use it with.


Thanks for any help.



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I used in Sunday school for a group of 9-12 yos. We liked it but ran into trouble when the reading level was too high for many of the girls. Anytime in the next few years it would be good and useful to you. I no longer have my copy so I can't break down the chapters for you.

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I started using this with my 10.5 year old this year. It has sparked some interesting conversations and some food for thought for her. Another friend doesn't believe her 13 year old is ready for this book. I wanted my oldest to be exposed and thinking about some of the topics in the book before she runs into them IRL. We haven't been consistent in doing this book because it is hard to find some time away from little sister. Right now little sister is that little "angel on your shoulder telling you what you did wrong", and if she listened in, I think she would drive her sister mad!


Why don't you start reading the book and see if you think your dd would benefit at this time?

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