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MUS, TT 6, Chalk Dust, some other math I don't know about? HELP!


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Oh I hope some folks have some words of wisdom here... my brain is beginning to melt.... I apologize in advance for the jumpy post, it is proof I can't think about this anymore and need help!


My dd is an average math student who does struggle sometimes, gee, it's usually in the spring come to think of it! Hmmm.... Anyways, we've been using MUS and Shiller as filler. Looking ahead to MUS the next 2 years, I simply *cannot* use it. I am sad about that as I do think Steve Demme is a great teacher. BUT... the use of the manipulatives to teach decimals just cluttered it all in my brain. I believe my dd would do best without all the distraction of the manipulatives at that stage of the game. Just my two cents, but judging by the sample videos on the MUS website, it just complicated things more for me (and probably my dd as well.)


She's going into grade 5. My goal for grade 6 is Chalk Dust Basic Math, and then to continue on with Chalk Dust if possible. This means that I need something for one year: something for grade 5. I really didn't like the Math Matters sample for grade 5 (Chalk Dust), especially compared to something more interactive like TT. The MM does not seem exciting, although it does line up more content-wise with what I'm looking for. Please, someone chime in who has used MM and let me know what you think! As for TT, I do find it s-l-o-w and the word problems are a complete mockery of mathematical reasoning (at least the ones on the gr. 4, 5 & 6 samples) but I DO like that it is colourful, interactive, independant, etc. So if I did use TT for one year, I would put her in TT6 and then in grade 6 she could do Basic Math with Chalk Dust.


What do you think? Is that just too much jumping around? Would you do it differently?


What other options are there? I need a 4-i program: Interesting, Interactive, Independant and Intellegent. Is there an such a CD program out there that I don't know about, that is awesome enough to have all four i's? (please don't correct me by saying that a program itself doesn't have the technical capability to be intellegent. That would just ruin my whole 4-i goal!) :lol:


Any wisdom you can impart would be much appreciated!

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Hi Karyn! For what it's worth, we are using TT Algebra with my oldest, but if they had it Mac compatible for the lower grades, I would use it for everybody. The silliness of the problems actually helps my kids not feel so intimidated. My 6th grader was disappointed we couldn't use TT for him, but he loved doing the samples - and he is our math-hater.


So, just my thoughts. Others would be helpful.


Hope you get it figured out.


BTW, where are you in Canada? We are moving to Calgary in July.



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If you are up to decimals in MUS I am assuming you are fraction complete. How about Life of Fred decimals? It is short and sweet, inexpensive, and approaches math from a different angle. You could do the fractions book too if you thought dc needed some review or practice.

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Thank you, Heather. Yes, it was Algebra (and up) that Cathy Duffy reviewed in a positive light. She said that TT6 is similar to Horizons 5. Horizons 5 is almost a year ahead of a traditional grade 5... so TT6 may be comparable to a few months into traditional 4... I think :lol: ARG!


I think you have a point about the silliness of word problems, that it isn't intimidating, and that can be good, especially if the child is struggling, which mine does occassionally. ;)


Oh, and Heather, I'm in Edmonton, but Calgary has great homeschooling support networks (and funding!) too.


Holly, oops, I should have said that we are just finishing Delta, so no, we have not hit fractions or decimals yet. Thank you for mentioning LoF! I do have LoF fractions which I intended to start with her, then figured I should wait and use it as a supplement after we cover it, but now I don't know if maybe I should just use that? Maybe LoF Fractions and TT6 would be adequate? :001_huh: One after the other? She'd blast through half of TT6 quite easily, then we could do LoF.... hmmm.....


Thank you both for your replies. You've given me food for thought...

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