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A question for you veterans in regards to AG plz..

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I am forever looking for "home" in regards to grammar. I found our history "home" last year in Sonlight. I have used 3 levels of R&S English (finishing 4 now). I am getting ready to start my boys (2nd and 3rd) in some type of grammar soon however I keep looking for "something". I researched EG and was sold on it until a friend's college graduate said he was not prepared adequately for english in college. I have since been reading about AG. Is this enough grammar???? Is there anyone who has used this approach LATER and not done intensive grammar study all through school? I am doing copywork with the boys now and plan to start IEW across the board next year.


Any thoughts about AG? I do LOVE in the video that she says GRAMMAR IS GRAMMAR and not 6th grade or 7th grade grammar. That statement alone attracts me to it.




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I wouldn't use it with children as young as yours. Are you looking at the junior AG?


I used R&S for a couple of years, but wanted to switch to a straight grammar program and use something different for writing. I picked AG and have been very pleased. I'm using it with 7th 10th/11th graders. My 9th grader and her bf that I'm teaching are using EG. My 9th grader had a tougher time with AG than her siblings. She is a very auditory learner, and AG was TOO much tedious detail for her. Though EG is still a workbook, it's a lot more to the point.


We are going to be using IEW as well for writing so I will add "The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation," to the mix if necessary.

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Thanks Stacey,

I was going to use it with my upcoming 6th grader and "plan" for it for my 2 boys. I just don't want to do grammar with them (2nd/3rd next year) until it is necessary. I have never understood the point of doing it from the beginning unless it does in fact take 12 years to cover it ALL.



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