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anyone have creative easy ideas for crafts/activities (ect.) for the "gold rush"


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I know a mom that packed 100 pounds of stuff to bring for a picnic. (100 pounds represented the 1,000 kilograms or 2,200 pounds of supplies it took each man to make it to Dawson.) She packed lots, and I don't know if it truly weighed 100 pounds, but it was a hefty load for sure, and very cumbersome. So her and the family were going on this picnic. They walked to a nearby park, but they could only carry 1/3 of what they wanted to bring. They carried that 1/3 over a bench (balance beam or sandbox or jumprope) and tried not to fall. They hauled that puppy through the playground, up things, down things, around things; then they finally lugged their load on top of a hill. They sat down, famished. Then the mom explained that they can't eat yet. See, the trek was so dangerous, the load so heavy, that they had to leave 2/3 of it back at home. They'd have to leave their pile of goods on that hill and return to their starting point to get the rest of their supplies. The whole way back home they kept hoping that nobody stole either pile of goods.

By the time all things were on the hill, an hour went by. They were exhausted, thirsty, famished and a little irritable. They rolled out the picnic blanket and had lunch. After lunch, everyone reclined and mom read a book about the gold rush, and the kids learned that many men lost their lives just trying to get over the Chilkoot Pass.

The kids, to this day, 8 years later, can vividly recall what they learned that day. They felt like they lived it.

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