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Is there anything like AO for WTM history schedule?


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I really love AO's use of lots of free older texts/books and was wondering if there was anything else online that is similar but with TWTM history rotation. I was looking around on google books yesterday and seeing so many great free texts for greek mythology, etc. that it has me wondering how many other wonderful older books I'm missing. Maybe there is someone who has already done the work for me....??? :001_smile:


Specifically, we'll be doing SOTW Vol. 2 and my kids will be in 3rd & 6th. I like SOTW, but wouldn't mind having a history text for my older son with some richer language and some more meat. Also, some historical fiction to line up with the Middle Ages.


Looking forward to any responses...

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I am not aware of anything like what you are asking for, but if you look at AO Year 2 you will see a list of free books related to Medieval. An Island Story is wonderful. I am using Year 7 at the moment, but am tweaking it greatly as I always do. It is Medieval too. Between AO years 2, 7 (although 7 would be too old overall there might be some books in there), and TWTM/SOTW2, you will have easily a years worth of books. My problem is usually which books to leave out.

I thought I would use the HEO 7 schdules but it didnt take me long to feel they were stifling. Its easy enough to put together your own program with a spine (SOTW2) and then add in extra books.

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Couldn't you just follow AO's history using the WTM history rotation?


I am doing it that way. I have all four volumes of Story of the World. I am doing a second round with SOTW because my older son loves these books. My older son finished volume 1. We read Famous Men from Rome and Plutarch.


My plan for next year is to have him read volume 2 of Story of the World with Our Island Story. We will have to do Our Island Story in 2 years because some of the stories go into volume 3 of Story of the World.


Just a thought.


Blessing in your homeschooling journey!





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