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Time Traveller CDs - What is the best age to use these?


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The website says they are for grades 3 - 8. I will have a 2nd grader who would likely be very interested in doing some of this stuff and a 4th grader who may or may not. We are doing SL 3 and I wanted to have something hands-on available in case we have the time.


I'm thinking since my daughter would be the primary child interested and she is the 2nd grader, that I would be better to wait until our next tour through American history, but then she will be in 7th grade.


Anyway, I've heard good things about these, but what would be the best age to use them?




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Do it now and just modify to fit her. The age they fit is really relative. If you read the text to them, yes they'll need to be on the older end for some of it. But much of it is stuff my dd would have enjoyed at that age. We're doing it now, and after 2 cd's worth, she is pretty much begging me to stop. So I say do it now, don't wait.

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We did Colonial Life and American Revolution with an 8 yo 3rd grader and a 6 yo K'er this year. I ended up doing a lot of assembly. We will keep the CDs and I think they will be great next time around with a 7th grader and 4th grader. I will say that Colonial Life was better suited for younger kids. Am Rev had more battle stuff and writing about people and less crafty fun stuff. We simplified things by just doing lap books, and even with that I left out or altered some of the planned activities.


I think it's fine to get them for this age. Just keep in mind that they may need help or there may be activities that you'll want to save for next time through. I would say upper elem/middle school is the ideal age. We'll probably go ahead and get the Civil War one for this summer anyway!

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