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SWR and Megawords


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We've used Megawords as a supplement to SWR, but not as a stand-alone curriculum. If you wanted to use Megawords as a stand-alone, I would probably finish SWR first, and then move through Megawords quickly. Megawords works well as supplement.

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Should one test out of SWR before moving on to Megawords or would it be okay for them to move into Megawords once reaching a grade 4 mastery level in SWR? If you've moved from SWR to Megawords would you share your experience?


I may move on sooner. It really is dependent on how long I can carry the load I have next year, which is going to be the heaviest I have ever done. Megawords is one of my back up plans for lighting the load if I begin to burn out.


Though she is on list P, so if I just keep on going a bit longer she will test out...wow! It would be so cool to actually test a child out of SWR! You see I need that kind of motivation to keep me going. :D




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