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Would you put this in checked baggage?

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I made a cement paving stone for my parents as part of their 50th wedding anniversary. I don't know what I was thinking. Now I have to get it to them.


I'm traveling there by plane this week. It weighs 13 pounds. I'm allowed two checked bags of no more than 50 lbs apiece. I can certainly pack within that weight limit, but is it okay to pack cement, LOL?


I figure I'll bubble wrap it and stick it in a relatively small bag with little else inside - just stuffed full so it hopefully doesn't break.


Do you think this is okay?

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My uncle and cousin are baggage loading guys at a major airport. No, I would take it as a carry on if possible. Cement blocks like that can break if mishandled. Baggage is tossed and thrown and dropped and dragged - even light baggage. Unless you pack it in a box with sturdy foam, bubble wrap, and so on like it was a priceless piece of glass, it might not make it.

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My ds chose some heavy stone bookends as his souvenir from Yosemite last June. i had to wrap them up in tones of paper and dirty laundry ;) before sticking them in the suitcase. Of course, that proved to be the one suitcase we got back with the little card saying TSA chose it for inspection. The stones came through fine.

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Okay. I don't think I can carry it on, but I did find a box that fits and got it packed pretty well. I hope it makes it!!!


No, I would guess that, if nose hair trimmers are verboten, a large cement block would set off some questioning. :D


If you found a box, why don't you just post it ahead of your departure, with instructions to them not to open it?

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