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What is your son's favorite reading material?..

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What type of movies does he like? Perhaps you'll find some connection to a certain genre.


My 13yo ds loves the Redwall series and is reading through the entire set. Together we just finished The Time Machine and ds loved it so much he went straight into reading War of the Worlds. They're fantastic books, short but exciting and well written. Kind of creepy in a "man searching himself and the possibilities.." type of way.


My 15yo ds is reluctant to move away from the type of books he read as a tween. (Bartimeus Trilogy, Pendragon series, etc). Though he has had to read a few others for school (ps) and chosen one or two at home more recently, such as The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Of course, with that list (Teen Reads), there are many "young adult" books that wouldn't be suitable, so one needs to be aware of that... but here are some my ds age 13 has enjoyed from that list:


Brave New World

Cheaper By the Dozen


Chronicles of Narnia


Ender's Game

Fahrenheit 451

Life of Pi

Little Prince

Lord of the Flies

Maximum Ride


Separate Peace

Sledding Hill


To Kill a Mockingbird

Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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