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CLE Math vs. Saxon Math


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I have already purchased the 2nd and 3rd grade Saxon math curriculum for my children for next year, but I am wondering if CLE would be better. I just recently found CLE LA and will be using it for sure in the fall. Now I am second guessing my choice for math. We have been using Abeka and I was having trouble keeping up with all the things we needed to be doing. There were so many visuals, worksheets, tests, and flashcards! I think we are actually behind with our add. and sub. facts because of my lack of organization. I decided to use Saxon because of the scripted TM, organized flash cards, and the way they present the facts to memorize (begin with doubles, then doubles plus one, etc. instead of the way Abeka did fact families), and I had heard that Saxon does a better job of explaining the why's in math. Saxon is expensive and does not seem to have as much review as CLE. I want to pick something that I can begin and continue with in the upper grades.

What are your opinions of the two, and which would better suit our needs? (lots of teacher helps in TM, review of add & sub facts for memory, help with the why's in math, and be able to use it from now on)

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