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What are the typical amount of credits given in one year for high school?

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Here is what my dd has earned so far. She should be finished with the other 1/2 of Algebra and Biology by this summer.


Ancient Literature 1 credit

Ancient World Geography 1/2 credit

Philosophy of Ancient World 1/2 credit

Classic Literature of the Western World: 1 credit

Band/music 1/2 credit


From Academy Fall 2009:

Biology 1/2

Bible 1/2

PE 1/2

Algebra 1/2

Geography 1/2

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Well, it depends on what your state requires for graduation. Here, I think they still need between 22-24 credits. That would mean that they have to take at least 6 credits a year with a study hall for their seventh period. However, some schools here have gone to block scheduling and kids take up to 8 credits a year, so those kids may graduate with 32 credits. My son completes 7 credits per year.

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Here in MD the students in public schools need to have about 22 credits to graduate....at 4 years that rounds out to 5.5 per year minimum. In MD, a standard 1 year course earns 1 credit, while a semester course earns .5.


Our oversight has a maximum cap of 8 credits per year. The exception to that is if the student takes any courses in summer school which they can transfer. Our oversight feels that a credit equals about an hours worth of work per day. So, by that standard, 8 credits is a full 8 hour day of work....and trust me, it is about right. At least it is for us.

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