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Chicken problem (tail feathers).....

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I have two pet chickens....never had any problems with them. One of them seems to look 'sad'....and has his tail feathers pointing downward (I guess I described that correctly, LOL). He doesn't look for food much.....just mopes around. He does eat when I give him food.....or when the other chicken finds something.


What could be wrong?



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Tammy, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "her bottom area" is swollen and puffy, but my guess is that she's suffering from peritonitis. It is a fairly common condition in laying hens which is brought on by a reproductive malfunction resulting in a bacterial infection. This causes retention of fluids and, sadly, most often death. In all my years of raising birds, this was the most common cause of loss.


If she was mine, though, I'd separate her from her flock mate(s). Put her in a cage with lush greens (pull and chop chickweed, dandelion, plantain, etc. from your yard) and protein rich foods like chopped hard boiled egg. Give these to her in very small amounts. See if she'll eat anything. Fortify her water with a vitamin/electrolyte solution if you have it, and see if some TLC will bring her around.


Hopefully, she'll recover, but do prepare yourself for that to not be the case. I'm sorry.



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The swelling is more on her 'abdomen'....not near her rear end. When I picked her up....and turned her up a bit....I noticed it....because the feathers were not as dense there. I felt it ....and it felt full of fluid. She is probably at least 3 to 4 years old.

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