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Grammar stage history in private school -- curriculum suggestions (x-post)


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I have the opportunity to suggest and possibly direct the implementation of the history curriculum in the private Christian school in which I teach.


Last year, I was able to adopt SOTW for grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. What would you suggest as a history curriculum for grades 1, 2, and 3? (Grade 4 will remain all U. S. history.)


My first thoughts are to use SOTW (only the teacher needs a copy to read from) and heavily use the historical and literature suggestions in the activity manual. I really think that this would lay a superb foundation for logic stage history, particularly because there would be a consistency.


Your thoughts?

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I think that sounds like so much fun!


We don't do many activities here at home, I think in part because the social dynamic of a group to share with is missing. (I used to teach, and miss the school atmostphere - wierd, I know.) I'm sitting here wishing we could move to Virginia, and make enough money to send our kids to your school...

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How Lucky!


I really want to do this someday! I'd love for a Classical School to be open in the area we live in.... I tried to get the private Christian School in town to do Classical....

I'd look at doing some memory work like Classical Conversations. I love the History Sentences that my kids know because of CC. I think that you can do it in a private school classroom, if the teacher has a copy..... At least, in the old curriculum guide, you could. So, I'd do the CC sentences...and you could look at incorporating the other Memory Work.... (Some of the Memory work comes straight from the Scholastic Series of Books.....) You could also look at Drew Campbell's book...Living Memory... Also, if you're thinking "classical" you could look online at different classical schools....and their scope and sequence.

Also, although we don't use VP's order of their History cards....it would be great to use in a school.... OR, something similar. VP has a 160 pt timeline card series.... I don't see if it's a Christian School...If it is, VP would be awesome. If not, you could make up your own timeline:-) I can see the kids working on these from K-12 :-)



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They did:

1st colonial

2nd pioneers

3rd state history

4th Recent U. S. history (I think.) If you are interested in this route, I can look it up specifically on their web site.

5th and on they did a 4 year history rotation starting with ancients


Each year culminated in a special day of history activities. They dressed in period costume (or approximations of period costume.) They did land runs or candle making or activities from the period. They learned typical dances and folk songs.

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