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Anyone here using Trisms?


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Once again, I am questioning our History/Reading program. We are currently using SL Core 6 and feel we have been overwhelmed. Also, I do not feel that DD has retained much of what she read. She likes to do research and reports; loves book reports.


We are looking at Trisms' History Makers.


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Trisms uses IEW for their writing spine. Do you think doing this along with Apologia General Science, and R&S English and spelling would be too much?


We will be using Saxon 8/7 with DIVE cd for math.





P.S. I am trying to compare this with History Odyssey.

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Trisms has a very active yahoo group. You would get a lot of info off of there. I plan on using it, but my oldest is a kinder this yr so I have a while before I do. I know someone who is switching from Sonlight to Trisms this yr. She already has the Trisms. She says that sonlight didn't go indepth enough for her son and so she really likes the looks of Trisms because it allows for you to really delve into areas of interest.

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I asked a question about TRISMS on the High School board, and asta and several other members were very helpful.




I'm pretty much sold on my decision to use it, but dh and I are going round and round with what level to get. So I will get out my:lurk5: and soak up any information on this thread too.

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I love [ ! ] the premises (i.e. the method of study) underlying TRISMS. I tried it with two of my children, in different years. I concluded that, in order to benefit most from the program, TRISMS requires a powerfully self-motivated student who works independently, loves detail, and has a great deal of time and interest in the materials and myriad subjects covered. TRISMS easily can become all-consuming, never-ending because there are just "too many rabbits to chase", once one begins work. There is great potential for a spectacular "portfolio" to be submitted for college admission. One can make the program more "bare bones" by omitting whatever one wishes. In general, though, I would deem TRISMS, if done well, far more time-consuming and in-depth than Sonlight. I have no knowledge of "History Odyssey".

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