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Five in a Row...


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Not sure, but if you ask on their message forum (there's a support section), they should be able to tell you. The authors do check in frequently.


I've ordered from them before, but wasn't in a hurry so I didn't pay attention to the time. Sorry!


The downloadable stuff is same-day, of course. :)

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I ordered a couple items from them last summer (August), as one of the items was intended to be a birthday gift for my dd which is in mid-September. By the end of September, my order still wasn't here. I had trouble getting anyone to pay attention to my repeated requests until I posted it on the message board... at which point they promptly removed my post and responded to me by PM. THEN my order finally got filled. But when the order came, the book I received was not what I'd ordered. I'd ordered -- and paid for -- a hardcover book, but the book actually came from Amazon and was softcover @ $7 less. I sent them a message telling them about this and requesting a refund of the price difference, but I never got it. I finally gave up.


All of this took place over about 3 months' time. The kicker of it all is that I live just about 15 minutes from them, and I even asked if I could just drive over there and pick up my order, but they said no. :001_huh:

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