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What do I need to include for 2nd gr LA?


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I'm trying to put together a solid LA program, as that's where the DC need the most help. So, I need to include reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, and writing, right?


We're currently using ETC, FLL, and a mom on here recently turned us on to Word Attack for spelling. I was thinking about adding WWE 1 for both my rising 1st & 2nd graders and maybe DITHOR? That would give us FFL, ETC, DITHOR, WWE, and WA.


Does that sound right, or is it overkill. I don't want to miss anything, but it's beginning to feel like I keep adding program after program. Please help me. "School" is starting here in 6 weeks and I can't seem to make a decision! TIA




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There are a lot of components to LA. I tend to stagger them for my kids. Here's how 2nd grade LA worked for my son this year:


WWE 1 for four months, then HWT cursive and All About Spelling 1 for three months, then AAS 2 and FLL 3. Now he is better prepared for the dictation in WWE 2, so we added that when we moved on to AAS 3. So, LA for him at the end of 2nd grade is AAS 3, FLL 3, WWE 2 and BJU Reading 3. We both like BJU Reading, it is easy to use, has a nice variety of short selections, and provides the comprehension questions for me. We don't use the workbook, but it has additional phonics practice. I have three kids to teach and two little ones running around, so this is how I have managed to make progress without overwhelming ds or myself with LA.



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You're the one who knows your dc's strengths and weaknesses the best. If it were me, though, I'd really try to cut down a little. It seems like a lot to juggle and a lot to ask of 1st and 2nd graders.


For 1st and 2nd grade, I'd say the top two things are phonics and learning to read fluently. I'd wait on DITHOR until your dc are fluent readers. You might also wait on spelling until they have finished phonics. Some people find ETC lays a good foundation for spelling as well as reading, and consider it to be enough spelling instruction for early elementary children.


That way you're keeping it a little more manageable, using only ETC, FLL, and WWE, plus whatever penmanship program you're using (if you use one at all).


Then, when your dc are older, you can do FLL, WWE, WA, and DITHOR.


Blessings as you make your final decisions.



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Thanks. I guess I will pass on DITHOR for now. But I will add WWE for my 2nd grader only. He's mostly done with ETC anyway, so only younger DS will be working on that. And maybe I'll wait another year for spelling for my 1st grader. That does seem a lot more manageable somehow. Thanks again. Sometimes it's so stressful putting yourself in charge of your children's education. I'm the only teacher I can blame!:lol:

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