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Math on the Level


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I'd recommend you jump on their yahoo group and have a quick look through the archives. You place them according to their ability. A guide for testing comes with the kit. You can combine the kids to some degree, it depends what they need to be doing, really, and how much practise you have had at combining them. I think you need to be a bit creative for that, but the yahoo group will be happy to support you with ideas. They're good that way. How long it takes depends what you are doing. You need to take the time to write up their "5 a days," mark them and teach. If you're having one of those days where you can't find the time for an extended teaching session, you can assign them to do maths games or something. Have you read the FAQ section on their page? Being such a flexible program, the answer to most questions is "it depends." Which isn't a whole lot of help for someone who wants a specific answer, but there isn't one.



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