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Argh - nephew flying into Mexico City airport as we speak; it's going to be a long da

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My sister called awhile ago to tell me that my nephew, who is in Mexico on mission work, is flying from Oaxaca to Mexico City right now. His group will layover in Mexico City for a few hours before boarding a non-stop flight to NYC.


She's not panicking, but another parent in her group is, and it's hard for her to stay positive while hearing from him. She's afraid that the kids won't be allowed to board the plane because a few of them did get minor ailments during their stay in Oaxaca and someone did throw up.


Her big fear is him getting stuck in Mexico for some sort of quarantine period. We won't know for some hours yet whether or not they get on the plane. We haven't heard of anyone not being allowed to fly, so far.


Then her next question is: since he's coming through Mexico City will he need to be watched for a certain amount of days after he's home?


My entire family is converging on Connecticut next weekend to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary....should we cancel it?


She's waiting to hear back from a doctor, has got a call into the CDC, and of course is waiting for that phone call from her ds saying they're getting on the plane.


Good thoughts are welcome!


I had been reading the reports on the flu for the last 24 hours and not even making the connection that my nephew is there. I'm a little freaked out.


And a little freaked out about the idea of flying through two major international airports myself in a few days' time.

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I would be freaked out, my sis's boyfriend is going to Mexico in the next couple wks. I hope he cancels.


Perhaps, invest in masks for the plane, if you cant cancel. Or Brookstone, had personal air filters you hang around your neck . I bought them five yrs. ago. Lots of hand sanitizer.

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The Swedish CDC recommends that if you have been to Mexico in the last week and you start getting any flu symptoms (aches, pains, temperature) seek medical attention and tell them that you have been to Mexico.


I looked at the State Department Travel advisory web site and there doesn't seem to be anything about putting people into quarantine if they have been to Mexico. I also just checked the Swedish State Department website and there is says that the Airport in Mexico city is being kept open and that there are medical staff on hand. Further they do say that it is up to the captain on each flight to decide who gets to fly and who doesn't. Hope that helps


I will keep you nephew and your family in my thoughts.:grouphug:

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