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SOTW 2 - what do I need to watch out for with my sensitive DC?


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We started SOTW 1 last summer. Even though I bought the activity guide, we mostly just listened to the cds (about a dozen times :)) and read a few related books. My DC are excited to start SOTW 2, and I hope to add in some fun activities this time around. But my DC are pretty sensitive, and I'm also wondering if there is anything in particular that I need to watch out for. Thoughts?

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I just got rid of my STOW2 on paperbackswap so I'll look through the AG and DS's narrations to see what I can find. I know there is a section on Henry VIII and his wives. Not pretty. I'll get to work on it and pm you Monday night.

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OK, there is feudal fighting throughout the whole book. skim the chapters if your dc is sensitive.

The Diaspora (Ch 20) was a bit hard for mu ds to handle. Ds couldn't understand why they were treated the way they were.

Bubanic Plague, all.

The twin Princes inistory concerning the Aztecs the tower.

Spanish conquistadors vs Aztecs. Review some of the rec reading.

King Henry VIII and all his wives, plus the death of his young son Edward. I believe there was also mention of his illegitimate son (Fitztroy) dying after going to the beheading of wife number two.

Ranoake Island and all the people that died or disappeared.


My dc wasn't as affected as I think many would be, but these were the areas of most concern and that caused the most questions. My children are exposed to a lot of history concerning the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas, but an other child would definatey find some of the info disturbing. Some of the books in rec reading discuss human sacrifice and general violence. I would definately prepare you child for that. Also, some of the pictures of the God's could be disturbing, it really depends on the child.



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Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to look back at this for me. Yikes, I'm going to need to edit! SOTW 1 had some violence, but from the sounds of it, not at this level. Thanks again for the heads up, I will definitely pre-read.

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