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Do you love/hate your dishwasher? Need to buy one today. Help!

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Hi Everyone,


We're having to face the facts that our dishwasher has been working for 9 years now and it's time to say good bye.


ABC News tested these three based on Consumer Reports:



img_bullet_orangedot.gifKenmore -- $650

This Kenmore was Consumer Reports' highest-rated dishwasher. It was able to clean the bowls of baked-on brownie mix with its normal cycle and remained relatively quiet during the process.

img_bullet_orangedot.gifBosch -- $700

The Bosch's stainless steel tub is backed by a long warranty and repels stains well. Like the Kenmore, the Bosch cleaned the soiled brownie bowls efficiently.

img_bullet_orangedot.gifWhirlpool -- $500

The Whirlpool is a lower-priced alternative that performs as well as models that cost hundreds of dollars more. While it delivered superior washing performance, it didn't run as quietly as the Kenmore or the Bosch.




Obviously we're planning on buying the Whirlpool because of the price. We really don't have the money right now -- it seems like the entire house is caving in!!




Do you love/hate your dishwasher? Can you give me what you recommend/don't recommend?







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I have a Kitchenaid that I love, but it was around $11-1200, so I don't know if that's an option for you. Kitchenaid is made by Whirlpool, but I would want to figure out which model it compares best with before I made a decision on that.


I've never heard anyone badmouth the Bosch. When we remodeled our kitchen I spent a lot of time at the Garden Web appliances forum, and Bosch was consistenly well-reviewed.



Good luck!

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We have a Kenmore Elite...I think it was made by Whirlpool. It's fantastic. I know other Kenmores are made by Bosch. I highly recommend it. We looked at Bosch, Whirlpool, and some really top-end makers and were most impressed by the Elite.



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I think you're okay with the cheaper model listed. Most models are going to be so much better than the ones they made 10 years ago, so you will probably be surprised at how well it cleans. I also would look at the things that irritated you on the last model you owned to make sure you are not repeating any of the basic design issues you didn't like. (personal preferences on loading, etc.)

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ha, ha! I just realized we have Kenmore Elite and, yes, it worked great up until about 2 yrs. ago. (Getting period, not thinking straight today.)


Lately I have had the feeling that the dishwasher is actively working against me, so, you're right, a current model might absolutely rock.


If anyone has any more suggestions for me, I'll all ears.


Anything you particularly love on your dishwasher?




Alicia :bigear:

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