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If you have one of those tilt-out thingies at your sink...

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Does it have a knob (as in a round thing you grasp) or a pull (3-5" think you put your fingers in)? I need to pick the hardware for our cabs, and I've never had a sink tilt-out! In our current kitchen we have NO knobs at all. Of course there are no uppers, but it has be wonderful not having knobs because it means no SNAGGED POCKETS!! So if I go back to knobs on the lower door cabs in my kitchen, will I regret it? There will be a sink in the island, so that will have a door, and a doored cab at the end of the island facing the walkway. Everything else in the workspace is drawers. Oh, and these http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.aspx?c=2&p=58356&cat=3,43520,43564,58141 are the knobs and pulls I'm looking at. Many of the drawers are wide, so I'm going to put the 12" pull on them, saw it at the store tonight and it's nice. So I'm mainly down to deciding what goes on the tilt-outs, sink doors (knobs vs. pulls), etc.


Open to all ideas! :)

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