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Has anyone uses Ray's Arithmetic?


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I haven't used Ray's but looking at some samples it looks a lot like Practical Arithmetic which I have used for elementary math for my youngest. I really liked it because it didn't have lots of color (which totally distracted my son even though he said he liked it) AND it covered everything in units. By that I mean my son was immersed in a new concept until he understood it and could do the problems without thinking. I also like the old fashioned way of wording the word problems. . . there were some that really made my ds think!


Anyway, for elementary years I think the foundation was laid well with this kind of math program.



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You know, I was looking at this as well. The Strayor-Upton Practical Math. I wish there were samples somewhere. I have searched, but only gives a description of them. I think I might like these much better.


Are there solutions, or only an AK in the back of the book? And did you use the books to Grade 8??



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